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001 Ambre and Amanda share their favorite books from 2021

Ambre is the caretaker of the Reshelving Alexandria Community on Facebook. Amanda is Ambre’s real life friend and together we are lead reviewers and curators of the RA Literary Catalogue.  We enjoy discussing books and life together. We love to share stories in all their forms because stories have the power to form and change hearts and minds. Listen as we share our favorite reads from 2021!

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: For every 10 reviews we will give away a book recommended in one of our podcasts. To enter, leave a review on your podcast player of choice and email (please put GIVEAWAY in the subject line)!

Find a literary database of all the books we discuss here:

Enter the Literary Catalogue Here

Books reviewed in this episode:

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A Reshelving Alexandria podcast where we pontificate on good books and the stories that define and refine us. Join Ambre and friends as they discuss what they're reading and interview others in the literary world. We talk stories in all their forms because stories have the power to shape and change hearts and minds.
Amanda Rossman
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