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This was a lovely episode! I think it is wonderful that Dawn as an author was able to return to the world of The Medallion without the restrictions applied by the original reading program. I have had The Medallion and Jenny Wren on a shelf for a long time, but haven't read them yet.

As someone who has been doing literature-saturated home education with our six children for 30+ years (nearly done,) I remember the days when it was super difficult to have access to resources that were not emphasizing doing School at Home. I was not interested in that format. I confess that I was skeptical about even the BJU reading books because some Christian school curriculums are heavy on moralizing and sometimes light on writing quality. There were actually three things in the recent past that has caused me to rethink my perspective.

First of all, Ambre had talked to the community on the Reshelving Alexandria FB group more than once about some BJU titles like these two which were childhood favorites for her. (I've been a group member since there were less than 200 members.) I was willing to have my opinion changed. When I found that BJU had republished The Journeyman by Elizabeth Yates, I was impressed. This is a wonderful book, it is great to have it readily available. I only found out fairly recently that there is a sequel, Hue and Cry, also republished by Bob Jones. The last thing that really tipped the balance for me was a request on the Reshelving Alexandria FB group for great books that BJU could consider publishing. That did it. :) I think I ordered Hue and Cry and a couple more during their last sale.

I remember being surprised at the selection available. I just hope the vintage titles haven't been revised or rewritten as some Christian publishers are known to do. I will be reading the Medallion trilogy at some point, although this is easier for me these days when a book is available in audiobook format.


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I look forward to your thoughts on Medallion!

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