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I really enjoyed this episode. I wanted to thank you specifically for being so open about your health, and particularly your mental health struggles. It's really refreshing as I think many of us listening are working to heal from the past while trying to parent young kids. Thanks for not sugar-coating your struggles! Also, maybe you could do an episode about the intersection between books and mental health. I know it comes up in the background of episodes, but perhaps a more focused discussion on that topic would be interesting, i.e. which books you found healing at different times in your lives and why, etc. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

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How did I completely miss this episode when it was released??? Maybe it was because my brain isn't reliable...

I had no idea that Anthony also had a head injury and is still dealing with the consequences, years later. My own Traumatic Brain Injury occurred 4.5 years ago, and the Post Concussion Syndrome is still a major issue in my life and the lives of my husband and children. I'm just glad most of my children were adults; this experience has perhaps been the hardest on the youngest of our 5 sons, who had recently turned 13 when I fell, and on our adult daughter, who became his primary home educator and surrogate mom.

I completely understand Anthony's struggles he experienced with high school studies (after being super smart prior to the injury), with establishing regular employment, and with being sidelined for days or weeks or months by stressful or unpredictable situations. It is tough to not feel like a functional adult, and to feel like there's so little one can contribute to the family economy. It's also frustrating to struggle so much to read print books since my injury; keep the audiobooks coming, Anthony!

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