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025 Christmas Stories with Nancy Kelly

025 Christmas Stories with Nancy Kelly

Or... a quick round of Unpopular Opinions, Christmas edition, with Nancy and Ambre

Our Guest: Nancy Kelly of Sage Parnassus- we are so grateful that she was able to have the energy to visit with us while she recovered from a round of the Rona!

Nancy has so generously compiled a list of her family’s favorite Christmas books- over 150 titles, in a free pdf that can be found here: Kelly Family Christmas Book List.

Find a free literary database containing books we discuss on the podcast here:

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Featured books in this episode:

Christmas audio programs:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Belvedere Mansion and Gardens in Galena, Illinois. Houses a beautiful collection of Christian art.

Kelly Family Christmas Book List- free pdf of over 150 Christmas titles

Join the conversation! We would love to hear what your favorite Christmas books and family holiday traditions are!

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