S1EP27 Bracken and Peabody with Jeri Massi

Or wise women, childhood abuse, & writing for Christian kids in messy homes


Content Considerations: this episode contains references to childhood abuse and trauma as well as discussing spanking- we didn’t see it coming either :)

Our Guest: Author Jeri Massi was a childhood favorite of Ambre’s (and Inara’s!) and we’re so grateful to hear what was on her heart while writing these stories.

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Featured books in this episode:

The Bracken Trilogy by Jeri Massi

  1. The Bridge

  2. Crown and Jewel

  3. Two Collars

Peabody Adventure Series by Jeri Massi

  1. Derwood Inc.

  2. A Dangerous Game

  3. Treasure In The Yukon

  4. Courage By Darkness

  5. Llamas on the Loose

  6. Abandoned

Scout by Julie Nye

Every Perfect Gift by Julie Nye

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