There is some new to me books on this list - thank you.

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Download link did not work for me. But I loved going through the list of books pictured and the descriptions. Thank you for this!

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Thank you! I like this category, so I thought of the following. :)

Some recent favorites:

Kao Kalia Yang's From the Tops of Trees (2021), Night Job (Karen Hesse, 2018)


My Dad Is the Best Playground (Luciana Navarro Powell, 2012), My Father's Boat (Sherry Garland, 2002), Allen Say's The Lost Lake (1989), Enemy Pie (Derek Munson, 2000), Papa's Bedtime Story (Mary Lee Donovan, 1993), Mim's Christmas Jam (Andrea Davis Pinkney, 2001)

Honorable Mentions:

Meeting Trees (Scott Sanders, 1996), The Animal Hedge (Fleischman, 2003), The Butter Man (Elizabeth Alalou, 2008), Dad and the Dinosaur (Gennifer Choldenko, 2017), Town is by the Sea (Joanne Schwartz, 2017), and Abel's Moon (Shirley Hughes, 1999).

And, though really about the loss of a pet, Harry & Hopper features a presumably single dad who helps his (only) son navigate grief in a gentle way (Margaret Wild, 2009)

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