Nov 21, 2022Liked by Reshelving Alexandria

Thank you so much for this episode. I feel like I'm in a wintering stage of life. Things that used to come easy, aren't right now. There are things I really want to do, but am mentally unable to at the present time. Your conversation reminded me that it not only ok, but important, to rest and renew (as much as is possible in the daily joys and trials of motherhood and life). I don't know how long this wintering will be. But I am grateful for everyone who has supported me (in words and deeds) through this time and continue to do so.

Things that I do when overwhelmed:

- Read a good book (that almost always makes things better)

- Find a place that is quiet (I get overwhelmed by noise especially)

- Write in my journal

- Take a walk by myself (though I enjoy them with the kids too, sometimes just striding at my own pace and not talking to anyone or trying to keep track of everyone is very healing)

- Research something (diving deep into research is invigorating for me)

- Make a list of things I'm doing and start crossing off the ones that I really don't have the energy for.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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