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S2E2 Elevating the Soul Through Fiction with Kelly Curtis

S2E2 Elevating the Soul Through Fiction with Kelly Curtis

or impassioned LotR discussion, hope found in community, how no one reads the same book, & gripping Non-Fiction

Our Guest:

Reader and artist Kelly Curtis. A serendipitous meeting through Facebook has lead to this wonderful discussion and her sharing of her alternative book covers from last year’s reading. More of Kelly’s art can be found and purchased on Etsy in her shop EudemoniaArt.

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“It all started with Miss Prim.

For many years, I was convinced of a tragic lie: that novels were lesser things than non-fiction. In my youth, a novel was a school assignment to trudge through, because some conclave of intellectuals blessed it with merit. At best, the story within would relate to some "real" thing of interest. This conviction became less of one over time. And it changed completely in January when the ancient widow character in The Awakening of Miss Prim shook my depths. From there I began novel reading for pleasure; to soften all the hardness; to elevate the soul.

I am not a speedy reader, but I managed 13 novels this year. I painted a little painting for each book, which I happily display here.” -Kelly Curtis

Featured books in this episode:

Kelly’s other covers from last year:

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