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S1EP26 Spoilers with Dawn L. Watkins

S1EP26 Spoilers with Dawn L. Watkins

or Idylls of the King and differing opinions like adults

Our Guest: Author Dawn L. Watkins- see our original interview here. Read her thoughts on the need for fantasy here:

Reshelving Alexandria
The Need for Fantasy (and Its Magic and Mystery)
Note: Our interview with Dawn was such a delight and she graciously agreed to expand upon her comment of Magic and Mystery. We hope you enjoy it! (Any links are affiliate links.) Fantasy is defined as any tale including events that can contradict the natural laws of our world. However, good fantasy does not contradict ot…
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This episode is different from our typical as it’s chock full of spoilers. If you have read the books, don’t mind spoilers, or think you’ll likely just give the books to your kids and not read them yourself (please reconsider- read Shield, at minimum, before deciding to pass) then this episode is for you!

Books discussed in this episode:

The Gadallan Trilogy:

  1. Shield

  2. Medallion

  3. Arrow

This series was written so each book could be read as a standalone though they follow the same places and families through time. The above order is chronological, not publication, but they may be read both ways.

If you have read this series, please share your favorite book and any questions you may yet have for the author.

If you plan to order these books and wish to support us with that purchase, affiliate links can be found here.

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