Jun 19 • 37M

S2E3 The Best Series You Haven't Read: The Histories of Earth with Steven J. Carroll

or stories for kids on mature loves and a series for those who miss Narnia

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Our Guest: Steven J. Carroll, author and songwriter.

I truly believe that this series, The Histories of Earth, is the best series you and your kids haven’t read yet. The books increase in complexity and length as they go along and as the characters age. If you only take one series recommendation from me this year, let it be this one- and don’t judge it on book one for, while perfectly delightful, it’s setting the stage and the stories mature as you go. The audiobooks are perfection.

*age recommendations in the episode by book (as the series scaffolds)- for teens and parents too!*

Books mentioned in this episode:

The Histories of Earth (4 book series) by Steven J. Carroll

  1. In the Window Room

  2. A Prince of Earth

  3. All the Worlds of Men

  4. Worlds Unending

The Road to Jericho by Steven J. Carroll

City of Words by Steven J. Carroll (Dystopian YA to be covered in a separate interview)

  1. City of Words

  2. Mountain of Shadows

Life is Beautiful- a movie

The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso

The KJV Bible

Robinson Crusoe

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