Greetings and welcome to Reshelving Alexandria!

I'm your guide on this literary journey—Ambre, a wife and mother of five nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Iowa. My love for books knows no bounds, fueled by an insatiable hunger for reading and an unwavering passion for curating literary treasures.

As a homeschooling parent, my days form a crazy quilt sewn with the threads of creativity, compassion, and connection. Navigating the worlds of autism and ADHD, I've learned the beauty of embracing uniqueness and celebrating the spectrum of human experience.

My heart finds its rhythm in the pages of well-loved classics and hidden gems, a devotion that led to the birth of Reshelving Alexandria in 2017. At its core, this community is a testament to my belief in the power of stories to nurture, inspire, and transform lives.

With a heart attuned to truth, beauty, and goodness, I relish curating books that transcend time and genre. Guided by my faith, I find purpose in fostering home libraries that become sanctuaries of wisdom, imagination, and joy.

Beyond my roles as a collector, facilitator, and founder, I'm your friendly literary companion, ready to provide structure, support, and intervention when needed. From curating content to hosting engaging discussions, my mission is to encourage the growth of home libraries that reflect your unique journey.

Join me as we uncover the magic of words, celebrate the quirks that make us who we are, and journey together towards a deeper appreciation of the intricate tapestry of literature. Whether you're a fellow book lover, a seeker of stories, or simply curious, I invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Reshelving Alexandria.

A fellow traveler,

Ambre Sautter

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I love kids, books, talking about books, and hot chocolate.
I can be found gulping down a cold cup of coffee (although I would prefer it to be hot) while chatting about books, family and life.
Wife, mom, homeschooler, accountant, all the things.
I'm a book loving, hobby farmer who loves discussing her latest reads with her real life and internet friends.
A community of book lovers encouraging each other in their home library building endeavours. We focus on good, true, and beautiful books worth shelf space in a legacy library.