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007 An interview with Anthony Coafield of Living Book Press

007 An interview with Anthony Coafield of Living Book Press

Charlotte Mason, traumatic brain injuries, quirks of publishing, and reading gravestones...

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Time Sensitive Announcement!

We talk about this at the very end of the episode, but Charlotte Mason's Home Education Series audiobooks are still available to support through Kickstarter! If the goal pre-sells are not reached then the project will not proceed which will be such a loss for the world (I don’t just say that dramatically, I truly believe it).

Please check out the campaign now and pre-order if you can! I’m so looking forward to my dyslexic teen being able to listen to Ourselves when we start reading it this fall and the riches being so much more accessible for her. At the time of this episode airing there are three days left in the campaign.

Charlotte Mason Audiobooks Kickstarter

Anthony is currently running a giveaway on his site to win a hardcover set of books as well as an audiobook set and the giveaway’s open to everyone! So generous! Be sure to enter!

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