This came episode came at the exact right time. Yesterday my oldest talked about how hard it is for her to talk to people she doesn't know, but how much she'd like to make at least one new friend this year. She very much has social anxiety (she wears head phones when in large crowds and sits off to the side and draws). I'm getting Violet Shrink as well as a few of your other recommended books. I want to support her in her desire for friends in addition to her family friends, but also not push her into situations that make it even harder for her social anxiety. Thank you!

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Aug 31, 2022Liked by Reshelving Alexandria

Thanks so much for another great episode! I am reading "Wintering," as a direct result of Val's recommendation in that prior episode. I'm enjoying it. I appreciated all of the books you recommended in this episode. I would love to see picture books that show adults doing a good job of managing their own emotions in front of kids, i.e. healthy expressions of anger and reconciliation in front of and with children. Does such a book exist??

Keep up the great work.

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