Oct 24, 2022 • 1HR 19M

024 Thriving in the World as We Are- with Aaron "Hutch" Hutchings

or... how to pick a lock, the permission to share our stories, the amazing holiday of Twaddlemas

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A Reshelving Alexandria podcast where we pontificate on good books and the stories that define and refine us. Join Ambre and friends as they discuss what they're reading and interview others in the literary world. We talk stories in all their forms because stories have the power to shape and change hearts and minds. https://www.reshelvingalexandria.com
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Our Guest: Aaron “Hutch” Hutchings is an incredible adventure guide and real life survival specialist.

  • Hutch’s site: Ready Set Adventure. Be sure to check out all the free activities available including plans to build a kid’s crossbow! You can also purchase adventure kits to complete with your kids!

  • One of Hutch’s books: Pocket Field Guide: the QUINZHEE: How to Build a Survival Snow Shelter

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